Quality of Movies

When we search for a movie to watch movies online free through our page Movieplay, it is common to find different files of the same movie. Many people do not read the full name of the file or simply do not understand what it means, and for them the quality of the film depends on luck. But if we learn to interpret the name of the file we will know exactly the quality of the video that we intend to see.

How to know which is the best option to watch a movie?

CAM Movies (Camorder)

These are movies recorded with a video camera to be later converted into digital format. When filmed in the dark, they look bad and depending on the distance and angle you can lose a lot of quality.

TS movies (Telesync)

It has the same quality as the CAM, only that this improvement in the audio because it is obtained from an external source (usually from a headphone jack that is in the seats) that way there are not many noises.

TS-HQ movies (TelesyncHQ – TS Screener HQ)

It is as if it were the TS, but it is recorded with a high-resolution camera. definition, thus improving its video quality. DVDR movies: (DVDFull or Full-Rip) It is simply a DVD, faithful copy of an original. In certain cases you can omit the menus, or put the subtitles for another language.

DVDRip movie

Is a compressed (ripped) copy of a DVD. They have very good quality video and sound. They usually come in AVI, MP4, MKV, RMVB formats, and contain MP3, OGG, or AC3 audio. And the definition of the video is very good in relation to quality-size of the file. Thanks to the codecs used today and their advanced algorithms, films of very good quality are obtained.

DVD-Screener movies (DVDscr)

These are films taken from a promotional DVD (given to the Critics or Juries in the prizes). Unlike DVDRip, these come out much earlier and with good quality, but with some annoying elements on purpose, such as “legends” at the bottom of the screen, “counters” (clock at the top), and even some cases can purposely contain parts of the film in black and white.


It is just like the DVD-Rip, only the source is a Blu-Ray Disc player. They usually have qualities similar to or equal to Blu-Ray, and are usually delivered in codec x264 packaged in MKV format.

Bluray movies

It is similar to the definition of a DVDrip, but the original source is a Bluray, that is, much better quality of image and sound. The weight varies between 4 and 12 GB (depending on the quality, 720p or 1080p). When the resolution with which it was ripped is 1280 × 720, they are labeled as 720p. If they were ripped to 1920 × 1080, then they are 1080p.

VOSE movies

Their acronyms: Original Version Subtitled to Spanish. This resorts to American films that come with subtitles.