• Why is the movie loading so long?

For movie to play online smoother you have to have an Internet with a speed not less then 1mbit/sec. If the speed of your Internet connection is lower – it is worth to press a pause and give it few minutes to load. Also, there is a probability that the server with which you try to watch video is overloaded. In this cases we recommend you to try play movie a little bit later.

  • Why is the movie quality poor?

Most likely, the movie copy u trying to watch was recorded in CAMRip or TS quality. We recommend to wait for better movie release quality.

  • Why movie is not working?

    To watch movies online you need to install the following browser: 1. The browser (Opera, FireFox, Google Chrome), you can use any of them (In older Internet Explorer versions the movies will not work! ) 2. Codecs (DivX, K-Lite Codec Pack)

  • How to leave a movie comment?

Each movie has a comment box. What are you waiting to give your opinion?

  • How to download movies? 

Movieplay does not provide that option, do them on the corresponding server.¿

  • Why does it say’s “File is not Found”? 

There can be few reasons when you see this msg on the video player. Update your browse to new version. Also “file is not found” mainly related to software (antiviruses and other SOFTWAREs such as Adblock or Proxy servers. If you running proxy server, we suggest you to disconnect it. 3) Could be that the admin by mistake place a wrong link, or forgot to import it. When you will notice this message “File not found” please Report to us, by click triangle button under the video player.

  • How can I contact the administration of the site?

Click on Contact Us button in the top of the website.